Native American Art, Rugs, Jewelry, Paintings & Objects of Interest

Vintage and collectible Contemporary Native American art, including jewelry, rugs, sculptures, and noteworthy items are offered on a consistent basis.

I spent years in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico. My consignment shop, New Mexico Auctions and Consignments, was a few blocks from the Taos Pueblo (designated a World Unesco Heritage site).

Here I had the privilege of meeting famous Native American artists from many tribes especially during the time of Pow-Wow and other gathering times. I learned about many genres of art by seeing their work and spending time together sharing ideas and knowledge. I also had the chance to acquire vintage pieces of great beauty directly. I treasure these unique friendships and stay in regular contact with many of the unique people I met there.

I also purchased entire estate and conducted auction and estate sales in Taos and Santa Fe. I acquired many wonderful items which I offer via the site and privately to both the trade and private individuals.