Rugs & Carpets - Contemporary

The interesting thing about contemporary rugs & carpets i.e. being created today is that artists and designers have the ability to direct and change to meet consumers needs in a very precise and timely manner.Obviously antique rugs and carpets do not enjoy this privilege.Never before has the consumer enjoyed this kind of experience on the scale we are experiencing today.

I began drawing patterns and designing rugs by hand and later became very involved in promoting Central Asian weavers and our own contemporary rug and carpet designs and quality standard controls as well as the creation of specific custom orders.

Contemporary weavings can be of exceptionally high artistic as well as of creative qualities.I feel a sense of obligation to support contemporary weavers .. Each rug is an artistic blessing that is exceptionally durable and exceptionally inexpensive if one considers time and cost of material..A bargain in so many ways.

Due to the scale of this section I shall be adding photos in the near future to this section.For any specific needs or for custom orders please contact me.