Passion and Philosophy

My passion is seeking and sometimes rescuing rare and unique objects across a wide spectrum of genres and cultures, enjoying the process itself and sharing knowledge and objects with others. I do not always keep every treasure and I often place these unique finds in homes and collections to be cared for and treasured by a whole new generation. My philosophy has been formed by many of the fine people I have met, unique experiences I have been privileged enough to have enjoyed, places I have visited and of course the objects themselves.

I understand that these treasures are often to pass through my hands and an understanding of this process is what facilitates and permits the quest and acquisition of further objects. It is frequently said antiques dealers are not the owners of the objects but merely the custodians… I agree heartily.

It is also often stated it is the journey not the destination that is important. My vocation is very much a lifestyle and my experiences on my journey in the world of human energy and creativity is what inspires and motivates me.

As a child, a deep sense of fascination for art and the world of art emerged within me. My late father, Peter Brooks, encouraged me to work in his gallery and auction rooms, and many years later I would understand that I had served an apprenticeship under his generous guidance. I was never paid and never expected to be. At the time I did not think about it and did not understand until much older how rich the true payment for my labors were. I was paid for my labors by my deep passion for art. I learned that I was inspired and motivated by art but sustained and lived by money. I am an art and antique dealer because I know the artists and the art they create as well as the people who are inspired by it are divine. It is always said that find a job you enjoy and you shall never work a day in your life… That is exactly how I feel about my business.

My father as well as many other art lovers have led me to formulate a deep philosophy concerning my endeavors in the art and antique world. My father was an excellent teacher not only of the objects themselves but also about ‘Art Speak’ the language of the art world, as well as about business. He revealed to me the often hidden world of the artists and of the art restorers, the passion of the collectors and expectations of the investors, as well as the needs of people buying to beautify their own homes. The deepest and most profound "magic," however, I have learned from the artists, restorers and weavers. They taught me when I looked at an object and I held my breath for a second that I needed to take notice of what, why and how that object came into existence, and that it was often worthy of further study. I still find that to be true.

My philosophy, simply put, is to use all my abilities to find rare and beautiful objects, rescue them if needed, restore them if it preserves them, and make it easy share them with others.

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