Antique Brass Synagogue Vessel with Hebrew Script

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Acquired all from one collection these three vessels are believed to be ca 1900 and to have originated from North Africa.

There original purpose was to have held water in a Synagogue and one can see use as well as a well formed patina on each one.

The repousse ( relief work ) and chasing work is very well executed especially considering the amount of script involved ( the lines are taken directly from the Bible but I have misplaced them momentarily ) but iare certainly not fussy.Biblical scenes including Kings and travelers are evident as are all amnner of animals.

The seam lines are extremely secure with small forms of metallic dove tailing evident.They hold water still perfectly.

You can see these were meant to be used and that's a great part of there charm...imagine the hands who've held them before or after prayer.

Very Beautiful and Sincere

11 " h x 11 " w x 11 " d

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